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Here's an open RP post if you wanna poke the eggjet. Feel free to toss a scenario at me or use a meme or whatever. Or we can just throw ideas at each other until something sticks.

Or you can use this generic starter I put together ages ago. It assumes the interaction takes place on a ship or station, though.

The rhythmic clack and clank of Sunspot's toes on the deck slows, then stops altogether as he comes to the unnervingly familiar realisation that he has once again forgotten something, but he can't recall just what it is that he's lost this time. He turns in place, looking all around in a slow circle and patting himself down as if his plating holds the answer his processors don't. Was he supposed to be carrying something? If he was, he doesn't have it now, so maybe he didn't have it to begin with. Nothing looks completely familiar, which is a vexingly familiar state of being for him. The coloured stripe along the bulkheads means something, he's sure, but he can't remember what that thing it means is. Probably not where he was headed before he got sidetracked.

And where was he headed, anyway?

"…Oh, no," he croaks miserably, wings tucking in tightly against his back. He looks around again, hoping something pops out that he didn't notice before – something that will help him figure out where he is without calling on the radio for help and being yelled at for the nth time. Nothing really comes to him, so he makes a distressed noise and unhappily twitches his wings.

Then he hears the sound of footsteps coming down the corridor toward him. He takes a step back and his fins lie down along the sides of his head, which he draws in closer to his shoulders. He scans his surroundings hopefully one more time, wringing his hands, then anxiously tapping his fingertips together as he wonders what he should do. After all, whoever's there probably isn't out to tear off his head, mount it on a pike, and cart it around the ship like a trophy. Probably not.

"H– Hi there!" he calls, tentatively perking up his fins as his fellow pedestrian comes into view. Think positive, Sunspot; social is considerably less likely to get you hurt than surly.


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