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Since he's a toy-only with no actual canon appearances, I figure it's just best to share the personality I put together for him from an old RP app.

How do you see this character's personality? His ethics and morals? (Canon cites are not required, but they are helpful.)

Meek and shrinking, Sunspot is a timid bot, innately aware that he is smaller and weaker than most and that this puts him at a natural disadvantage. He moves and behaves in a mousy fashion, affected by nervous tics he often doesn't realise he displays. It's less habit than part of who he is; were he smarter, one might even think he uses the display of weakness and submission to make himself too insignificant a target for bullying. (It doesn't really work, either.) His tentative nature seems at odds with his almost carefree air when flying.

If Sunspot was ever anything other than a chronically amnesiac mess, even he doesn't remember it, having had this memory flaw since his "birth" as far as he knows. Forgetting basically everything that happens in his day-to-day life is something he has learned to live with and most of the time, he can't remember to be all that upset about it. His root directory-deep love of flying does much to distract him and is one of only two constants in his tiny, sieve-like mind, ensuring that he may never quite forget everything. He isn't all that happy with his situation, either, really, tired of being reprimanded for something beyond his control and tired of being mocked simply because he won't remember the insults later. His inability to commit anything to memory for long depresses him occasionally and being reminded of it can set off bitter rants and, more rarely, violent tantrums. This is often fixed by a quick flight to cheer him up, wherein he forgets he was ever upset.

Other times, he channels this anger and resentment into his otherwise inexplicable loathing of the Autobots. He can't remember what they did to him, but he /hates/ them with an intense passion matched only by his cowardice. As eager as he is to hurt Autobots, he is easily intimidated by shows of force and will retreat without hesitation if he feels sufficiently threatened. It takes a greater threat from his commanders, being utterly cornered, or a fit of overpowering rage to switch his response from flight to fight.

People genuinely weaker than Sunspot are few and very far between, and he loves being able to abuse those who can't fight back, using them as proxies for those he /really/ wants to hurt and can't. He feels quite justified in this pursuit because if it's okay for others to bully him, it's therefore fine for him to take it out on others. He isn't beneath ingratiating himself to his superiors, when he can remember who they are, and will suck up to save his skin.

What scares your character? How does your character react to fear? (Do not list 'failure' as your character's only primary fear.)

Though he may never be able to explain why, little Sunspot is forever terrified of getting shot or speared through his head. Insistent cries of "Not the face! Not the face!" can be heard whenever someone raises a weapon toward him and his first instinct when caught in an unexpected firefight is to duck and shield his head with his arms lest a round find its new home in his processors. More generally, he's simply averse to anything that would physically intrude upon his head, fearing it might damage his memory even further. (This makes medical examinations tricky.) For him, decapitation is an unspeakable horror and his dread of it borders on obsessive paranoia.

More understandable is the nagging fear that someday, he may forget how to fly. Or who he is. Medics all over Cybertron have been stumped by his chronic memory loss and how to stop it, and he worries that it can only get worse and worse until he'll be abandoned, forever stuck in a loop of having and forgetting the same mundane thought until he finally starves to death. He has never expressed this fear to anyone and likely never will; it isn't as though the other Decepticons don't have enough ammunition for mocking him already. He has taken to writing himself notes for important things he wants to remember, but he often forgets where he puts his notes and datapads, literally leaving his thoughts scattered about for others to find.


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